TGS Baltic assisted Nordea Bank in re-domiciliation process

01 / 19

TGS Baltic assisted Nordea Bank Abp (Finland) with registration of change of the pledgee of the commercial pledge provided by the pledger OneMed from Nordea Bank AB (publ) (Sweden) to Nordea Bank Abp (Finland) as the result of relocation of the operations of Nordea Bank from Sweden to Finland that was carried out by way of cross-border merger of Nordea Bank AB (publ) (Sweden) into its wholly owned Finnish subsidiary with the temporary firm name Nordea Holding Abp, which before completion of the merger changed its firm name to Nordea Bank Abp.

The entry in the Latvian Commercial Pledge Register regarding the registration of the change of the pledgee of the commercial pledge as the result of the reorganization was made on 14 November 2018, whereas, the Lithuanian Mortgage Registry was updated on 7 January 2019.

Maximum secured amount of the claim is EUR 154,483,549.

Nordea is the largest financial services group in the Nordic region and one of the biggest banks in Europe. It is a full-service universal bank with the total operating income of EUR 9.5 billion and total assets of EUR 581.6 billion in 2017. Nordea serves its customers through presence in 20 countries, including the four Nordic home markets – Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. The bank is one of only a few European banks with an AA rating.

TGS Baltic team was led by Partner Andra Rubene, Associate Partner Neringa Gražinytė and supported by Associate Reinis Grunte.

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